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"We put the story out on Friday and were in the press from Monday. Soon after, we found our diaries filling up with meetings from various investors who wanted to reach out after seeing the news."
Lizzie Brough, CXO, Kindaba
Lizzie Brough, CXO, Kindaba
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"PingGo has shown us how accessible PR is. We got a half page spread in The Herald and our highest ever number of sales. The biggest pay off has been brand credibility."
Haseeb Ibrahim, Co-founder, My Flag
Haseeb Ibrahim, Co-founder, My Flag
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"We wanted the story to receive maximum exposure. PingGo generated 10 articles online and in print, 15.6 million online readership and 45.7K views."
Colin Munro, CEO, Miconex
Colin Munro, CEO, Miconex
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"Thanks to PingGo we are getting into the habit of thinking about media for our company, which is an important mindset for a high-growth company when it is starting out."
Gordon Povey, Founder and CEO, Trisent
Gordon Povey, Founder and CEO, Trisent
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"No waffle, just the facts and strong news hook that journalists want."
Lucy Bostock, Founder, Adventure Belt
Lucy Bostock, Founder, Adventure Belt
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Workspaces for focus

Collaborate to keep track of deadlines, contacts and pitches.

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Write clear, concise and engaging stories the media look for.

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Store your key messages, content and contacts all in one place.

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Prompts and Templates

Use our sector specific prompts and templates to help you structure your content.  
Templates for press releases, blogs, strategy, biographies, company background and key messages.
Press Release templates for company launch, contract win, award win, senior appointment, product launch, investment, crowdfunding and so many more.
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