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Contract Win - Agency Core

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"I could see that reporters were covering stories about similar businesses to ours, and I wanted to find a way to get them to talk about Agency Core as well!"
Helen Davies, Founder and COO, Agency Core

Lock Down Your Target

Agency Core's COO, Helen Davies, knew she needed to build a relationship with the press, but did not know where to begin.

Helen's story: PingGo encouraged me to really get to know the press I wanted to cover our stories. I began following Scottish business journalists on social media, and kept an eye on the stories they were writing.

I noticed that two companies I was familiar with had been written about by the same reporter, Gareth Mackie at The Scotsman. He became my top target.

I was on the lookout for a newsworthy milestone, and when we signed our first international client in Australia, I was ready for action. When it came to writing the release, PingGo was really helpful. I liked the way it structured the questions, getting me to a point where I had a full page that included all the relevant information.

It was nice to feel that I hadn't missed anything important. The release needed a bit of editing, but PingGo allowed me to do this quickly and easily, and I soon had a final version I was happy with.

"I phoned the newspaper at 10am ready to pitch my story. The journalist was great, and it was a really positive experience - we are now best buddies!"
Helen Davies, Founder and COO, Agency Core


"We got the story into The Scotsman and I was absolutely thrilled. Even better, we have a relationship with this important publication that we can build on, now they know who we are."
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