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"Having a personalised media list for the agency to work from is saving us hours. We curate our lists centrally and create a history of call notes and engagement with journalists."
Sarah Lee, Managing Director

For years Hot Tin Roof has subscribed to a media database of journalists.  It gives the agency access to the contact details of thousands of journalists, which are kept up to date and it also provides precious journalist requests for comment and editorial.

Hot Tin Roof's story:  We pride ourselves on targeted media distributions, personalised to specific journalists. This is how we get results.

We couldn’t do our job without access to a database like Gorkana, Vuelio or Kantar.  We have subscribed to ResponseSource for over a decade and it serves us well. But at the start of lockdown we realised we had got into bad habits.

We were downloading media lists for every press release.  When a new client came along we would start a media list from scratch and every time a story required a new vertical we would build again. 

It was taking hours to build tailored media lists, to identify the right journalist at each media outlet for a specific story.  It also meant that we had multiple copies of media lists - and could never find the perfect one!

We were not sharing knowledge across the team - if we found a good contact - we would need to update a dozen different media lists.

And then we found PingGo.

"PingGo has revolutionised how we do distributions. It has done to email what fax did for press releases in the late 90s."
Sarah Lee, Managing Director


PingGo has given the agency control over its contacts. It has combined multiple media lists into one single source which the whole team has access to. When they get a new vertical or a new client they add those new contacts to PingGo.
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