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Hot Tin Roof Visibility

Press Release Distribution
"You feel more in control and confident about how your sell-in is going"
Alice Roberts, Account Manager

Gaining momentum and building motivation through your entire distribution

Hot Tin Roof is a prolific agency distributing around 10 press releases and delivering over 200 media hits every month, ranging from Newsround and The Guardian to Utility Week and TechCrunch.

For nearly two years all those distributions have been done remotely with teams working in different locations. 

Alice’s story:  

Sitting down to a media distribution and emailing out your press release can feel like shouting into the wind. It is more difficult than ever to reach journalists by telephone, so the email pitch is critical.

Journalists receive countless amounts of press releases every day so receiving any acknowledgement - positive or negative - can be a challenge. This can make it difficult to judge how the story will perform and limits the feedback you can pass on to the client. The process can often feel very one sided and can leave you feeling powerless over the result.

PingGo has genuinely changed that for me.

You can monitor in real time when your press release is opened or not delivered. You work as a team with your colleagues from anywhere - dividing the list between you and allocating specific contacts to the person with the best relationship.

There is an immense feeling of satisfaction as you see your list move from ‘to do’ into ‘in progress’ and then finally you can mark as ‘done’ once you have a decision from the media outlet. Because you can see movement you feel more in control and confident about the sell-in.

Being part of a team and sharing the responsibility is a huge boost. Working in PingGo creates momentum for a distribution and gives you the energy and motivation to keep pushing until you’ve locked down all the coverage you can. PingGo has been a game changer for our team.

"There is a feeling of real camaraderie with your teammates - even if you are not working in the same room. Being able to see their activity makes you feel empowered as a team to achieve the best coverage possible."
Alice Roberts, Account Manager


The distribution process is super-quick and means you can focus on follow ups and getting results for your client. This is hugely important for a press release distribution where there is so much pressure to get results.
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