Investment Raised - Kindaba

Investment Raised - Kindaba

Investment Release template
"We were going down to London that week with no meetings planned and by the time we went down we had our schedules absolutely packed."
Lizzie Brough, CXO

Beating the blank page blues

After securing investment from Skyscanner co-founder Gareth Williams ahead of their crowdfunding campaign, the startup team from Kindaba tapped into PingGo's concierge service to spread their news.

Lizzie's story: I suffer from blank paper-itis I find it hard to know where to start when I've got a blank page in front of me.

I knew I had a great story to tell but I didn't know how to write it so it would attract media attention.

As a growing startup, there is a lot of pressure on finances and we have to prioritise spend. So anything we can do ourselves, we do ourselves. Time is a precious commodity, and we all need to wear many hats. The fact that I can sit down and have PingGo's wizard talk through the whole process proved I actually had the answers all along. When it prompts you and asks questions just like a journalist, I suddenly know what I want to say and can write it all down. And when I see the results, I honestly didn't know I had it in me!

Once I had drafted my press release, I signed up for PingGo's agency-matching service which hooked me up with Hot Tin Roof PR agency. I worked alongside the team at Hot Tin Roof who gave the press release its final polish and managed the distribution, making sure our story was pushed out to the right people."

"We put the story out on Friday and we were in the press from Monday. Soon after, we found our diaries filling up with meetings from various investors who wanted to reach out after seeing the news."
Lizzie Brough, CXO


"We were blown away by the amount of coverage we received. The Times, Scotsman and investment press all covered it, which was key for us."
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