Investment Raised - Phlo

Investment Raised - Phlo

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"You know when you find a digital tool you wish you'd had years ago?"
Katie Beaton, Marketing Manager, Phlo

PingGo opens media doors for startups

Katie's story: I had heard about PingGo from press round their launch as an innovative new way to manage PR in-house, when I started marketing for a digital health start-up, Phlo, with a start-up PR budget, I took the opportunity to use PingGo for their first press release. PingGo provides common article templates and takes you through questions specific to your release, piecing together a story with the facts and PR pulls that will make a print ready, news worthy, article.

A lot of company PR is written by in-house marketers, and while we like to think we can write anything, press releases are a different style of writing all together. PingGo sorts your answers into an editable press release, which I loved because it gives you the benefits of a tried and tested framework, with the freedom to add tone of voice. Once you have your article ready to send to press you can compile a contacts list within the PingGo platform and send off to named journalists from there, tracking the progress, recording any action and storing contacts for future articles.

Having not approached newspaper press before I asked Sarah from PingGo for advice round which publications to approach, no question was too big or small and I had a list of 20 journalists to send to the day I finished our release. The journalists I got in touch with were really happy to receive an article ready to print, and those that had heard of PingGo, really happy to support a platform that understands how they work too, those who hadn't heard, interested in a new news channel.

"In an era of transferring communication control across social media, web copy, and consumer chatbots, PR is pushing for a change in control. Sarah, the founder, has created a digital tool that guides this change. Combining the personal voice only years of PR experience can bring with the control of a direct, digital tool, a tool I wish I had years ago."

"PingGo is a digital door, opening to journalists and contacts previously locked into the PR world."
Katie Beaton, Marketing Manager, Phlo


Our first press release written using PingGo was published in the Herald, SBNN and Young Company Finance. PingGo is a digital door, opening to journalists and contacts previously locked into the PR world.
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