Product Launch - Miconex

Product Launch - Miconex

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"We wanted the story to receive maximum exposure. Powered by PingGo we generated 10 articles online and in print, 15.6 million online readership and 45.7K views"
Colin Munro, CEO

PingGo's PR agency-matching service boosts media reach

Colin Munro, CEO of Miconex had written a press release to promote new smart city rewards programme Mi Rewards and was looking for help getting his story to the media. Within a week Hot Tin Roof, powered by PingGo, had secured 10 articles, 15.6 million online readership and 45.7K views.

I had worked with a copywriter to write a press release I was happy with but once I spoke to the media experts at PingGo I could see the press release was not doing the story justice. This was an important story for us the first PR for a new product which we had been working on for a long time - and we wanted to make sure that it received maximum exposure.

First of all PingGo matched us with a PR agency - Hot Tin Roof.

First of all Hot Tin Roof re-ordered the press release to draw out the story and ensure the Perth pilot was not dismissed as a local Perth story. The agency also advised us to get new photography. The picture we had did not communicate the message we wanted and was confusing. Hot Tin Roof  worked with our photographer to get the right image for the story.

The Hot Tin Roof team advised us on timings for the distribution and they hit all our deadlines. The press release went out at first thing in the morning to the news desks of business and trade media and they made follow up calls to ensure the story had been seen and to lock down coverage. On the day our story faced fierce competition from a big retail story the closure of Carphone Warehouse. This could have meant the end for our story if we had not had a strong press release, a good picture and made those crucial follow up telephone calls to the news desks.

"The PingGo team advised on timings, angle and photography and made follow up calls to lock down coverage."
Colin Munro, CEO


We started to see results straight away with the story appearing online and then the next day in print. More articles are scheduled to appear over the next month or so and we have a number of interviews lined up, potentially even a slot on BBC's Good Morning Scotland.
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