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“It's great for me, because I've only been working in PR eight months. So to have a framework for writing is really, really useful.”

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PingGo puts effortless PR at your fingertips, helping your teammates focus, create, share and manage everything - from the big PR projects to the smaller day-to-day tasks.

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Quickly write, edit, share and manage PR across your team with 360 visibility across projects, workflows and deadlines. Never miss a beat.

Centralise everything

Manage priorities, track progress and hit deadlines from one shared space. PingGo creates a single source of truth for all your client accounts - from key messages and press releases, to media contacts and deadlines - so nothing falls through the cracks.

Accelerate learning

Whatever their level of experience, onboard new teammates quickly and get them up to speed fast with media-ready press release templates that do the teaching for you.

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