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“PingGo asks its users the questions needed to elicit just the right information and then pulls it together in a press release written the way a journalist would write.”
Mark Watson, SBNN

A new way to source news

Is your inbox filled with junk press releases? Is email working for you as a way of sourcing news?

Or do you just want to see well written press releases relevant to your beat?

A great press release is hard to write and it takes years to learn the craft of writing.

At PingGo we are on a mission to help people write press releases you want.  Highly targeted press releases, relevant to your beat with the story front and centre, fact checked and direct from the source.

We’re designing a news sourcing service to make your life easier. We’d love to have you on board to help us shape the build so we create a service you use and will ultimately change the way you source news.

Get exclusive stories, under embargo, straight to you.

Get hard news, clearly written and well structured, from a trusted source.

Get quotes, check facts and easily request comments.

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