10 magic questions you need to be able to answer about your client

Sarah Lee
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These are the magic questions you need to ask your client before you sit down to write a press release. Try to get them to answer as quickly as possible. Don’t let them hesitate or over think. If they don’t know how to answer one then go on to the next one.

Once they have answered all these questions you should be able to create compelling and powerful key messages about their company.

1. What is the biggest problem facing the market for your product or service today?

2. What are the top three benefits of your product/service?

3. What do you do differently to your competitors?

4. What does your product/service do?

5. What does this mean for the consumer?

6. What does this mean for other businesses?

7. Why is this news important?Why should your market care?

8. How does your product or service address a specific problem?

9. How does your product work?

10. Why should I buy it?

Now try answering our questions in PingGo to create your key messages.

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