Eight top converting media pitches

Sarah Lee
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Pitching to journalists can be nerve-racking, but it's part of the PR job. You only have a few seconds to make engage a journalist and get them hooked to your story so don't spend time waffling.

Instead, choose one of these eight openings for pitching to make sure journalists keep listening:

1. Hello Sam, We have a story out today that I think will be of value to your readers.  Happy to arrange interviews or answer any questions you have.  Many thanks, Sarah

2. Hey Sam, Have you got  a couple of secs to hear a story?  It will fix a massive problem for [a big group of people]. We have a customer available for interview.  Cheers, Sarah

3. Hi Sam, I read your article about [Issue X] and I have a story about a company that is tackling [this issue]. I can also offer a case study that shows unexpected results.

4. Hi Sam, I have followed your debate on Twitter and know you have questions about [Issue Y]. I am working with a company that has an unusual perspective on this issue and a track record of success in this area. We can offer expert comment and industry insight as an interview or bylined comment.

5. Hi Sam, In light of the recent news about [a big trend], we have a story out today from a company that is playing a significant role in [this big trend].

6. Hi Sam, I know your media outlet has a huge interest in a particular issue. I have a story you might be interested in as it addresses the issues you have covered.

7. Hi Sam, I have news from Company A that will impact your readers. It has strong photography to accompany it. Would you like to see the story? I am happy to answer any questions you have.

8. Hi Sam, I have a press release under embargo for Monday. I would like to offer it as an exclusive to your media outlet because your readers will be affected and I know it is a subject of interest to your readers.

If you're still feeling unsure about pitching, read our guide to pitching to nationals here.

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