Five top tools to help you tell tales

Sarah Lee
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Are you in charge of doing your own PR or marketing? Do you feel in over your head? Fear not. There are plenty of digital tools out there to help you get your voice heard, and grow your business.

Here are our favourite tools that might make your life a little easier.


At PingGo HQ we use slack on a daily basis. Because the team is located in two different cities, Slack is our virtual office.Slack is a team-messaging app with a unified archive for you to search. Reducing emails, replacing Skype and allowing users to communicate and share files digitally — we think it’s safe to say that Slack is here to stay!


Does the thought of designing your own content make your palms sweat? Are you not graphically inclined? Don’t worry — Canva is your guy.

Canva is a user-friendly digital design service that allows you to easily create and save content for social media, posters, invitations, and even presentations. Canva is easy to use, and even has a design school blog — should you need some help and inspiration.


Getting your colour palette right is important. Coolors is simple and free software to help generate your own palette. The sign-up process is quick and hassle free. Once you’re registered — you’re free to generate, explore, and save your own colour palettes. The software allows you to lock the colours that you like. Allowing you to narrow down your personal palette colour by colour.

Hemingway App

Are you starting your own business or do you simply not have any experience with copywriting? The Hemingway App is a digital proofreading tool ensuring that your writing is bold and clear. By highlighting things such as; complex sentences, dense sentences, use of passive voice, phrases that have a simpler alternative, and providing a readability grade — Hemingway guides you through optimising your writing.

The App is user-friendly, no registered user required. All you need to do is paste your text into the web- based App — and Hemingway App gives you immediate feedback.


What would this blog be without a little self-promotion? PingGo is a low cost, cloud based, DIY PR machine. By answering questions about your company, PingGo helps you write media ready press releases for you to save, edit and share on social or pitch to the press. Let PingGo be your virtual agency, and control your own PR.

If you think anything is missing from our list of creative digital tools, give us a shout, we’re keen to learn new things!

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