Free script for pitching journalists

Sarah Lee
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Here is a script for calling journalists. Follow the steps and you will increase your chances of getting covered.

  1. Call each journalist early - between 10 and 12.
  2. This is YOUR NAME from COMPANY NAME - we have a news story out today.  Do you have a couple of minutes?
  3. Explain the story in less than 20 seconds. Just read the headline and/or first paragraph.
  4. Offer an interview with yourself or to send over press release.
  5. Send over the press release in the body of an email - do not send as an attachment. No journalist will ever click through. They are busy busy busy. Even better – use the distribution function in PingGo to send with a personal message. You will see when the journalist opens your press release and be able to message them in real time.
  6. Clear all formatting from the word document before you cut and paste into the email.
  7. Head up with Press Release and Date.  Under that put the press release title. Of course PingGo does this for you automatically!
  8. Subject line should have the press release title written in lower case.
  9. Make sure you have your contact details at the bottom for the journalist to get in touch. Again, PingGo takes care of this for you.
  10. Follow up by telephone in the afternoon between 2 and 4.  Did you get the press release?  Can you use it?  When will you publish?  Do you have any questions?  Would you like photography?
  11. Consider offering it as an exclusive to your most important media outlet.  Do not send it anywhere else until they have had time to use it.
  12. Never send to multiple addresses or CC loads of journalists in.  They want to feel they are the only one with the story.  Never send it out the day after someone else has covered the story.

It’s a minefield but PingGo will keep you right. Head over there now and start planning your first press release.

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