How do we get started in PR?

Sarah Lee
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We all know we need to do PR. We need the media writing about us and our customers giving us rave reviews. But how do we make it happen? When do we need to hire an agency?

There should be no barrier to you doing your own PR. You know your company best and the journalists want stories that would normally not reach them. You just need to know how to get started and keep the momentum going. And that’s where PingGo comes in. Use our 10 step guide to getting started in PR.

List all the news milestones you have coming up over the next 12 months using this checklist. Will you:

List all the things happening in the world that will impact your customers

Talk to your staff — put PR on the agenda for your monthly staff meeting so you keep the campaign fresh and involve the whole team in making news about your company.

Follow business news — set up Google News Alerts tagging your industry and your competitors. add all these milestones to your PingGo news timeline.

Write a press release about the first one using one of our templates get in touch and we’ll create a new one for you or add to the backlog.

Search on Google for journalists who are going to be interested in your news and add them to your contact book.

Pitch your first press release to the most influential and relevant journalists you can find.

Share the news on your social media channels.

Start again with the next news milestone.

This is what PR agencies do every day for their clients. There is no reason why you shouldn’t do the same for your own company. The trick to PR is to sustain the momentum over the long term. That is how you build credibility and reputation.

There are no short cuts — it will take time — and eventually you will want to hire a PR agency.

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