How PingGo helped me start out in PR

Pauline Morere, Intern at Hot Tin Roof
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PR is scary when you start out.

People around you use jargon like ‘embargo’ or ‘press release’ and it all feels quite overwhelming. 

As an intern in a fast-paced and dynamic PR firm, these are some of the challenges I had to overcome. Obviously, I started out by googling questions such as ‘how long should a press release be’ or ‘how to write a thought-leadership piece’ but I always ended with conflicting opinions or irrelevant information and lost precious time that could have been spent on something more productive. Asking colleagues was also an option, but with a typical day in PR being so volatile, autonomy and efficiency is always valuable.

That is when I started using PingGo. PingGo not only provides blogs with tips from industry leaders, but it also comes with templates to write articles and blogs. For example, when I wrote a press release before using PingGo, I would often forget to insert a source or spend too much time on describing the event that occurred. Instead, with PingGo, I could focus on the key messages that I wanted to deliver, allowing me to spend more time on finding the most relevant information rather than spending time understanding the writing structure.  

Using PingGo was helpful for developing my understanding of PR.

As PingGo provides a platform for writing or articles right up to the distribution process, I could clearly visualise the steps necessary to release stories and answer clients’ demands. In this sense, using PingGo not only improved my writing skills but also helped me become familiar with the distribution process. Consequently, I was more empowered to contribute to PR campaigns as I could understand the role I played in building our clients’ brands when I was writing blog posts or researching events. 

So, if you are starting out in PR, I suggest you start using PingGo! It is a valuable tool for making PR easy and accessible to all.

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