How to find focus in a busy office when there is lots going on around you

Pauline Morere
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After the pandemic, coming back to the office was a blessing for many. It meant we could finally be in an environment with other people, with office banter and coffee breaks. However, a busy office also means more distractions: whether it is colleagues on a call with a client or everyday chatter, there is always something going on. So how to stay focused? Here are some tips:

Get rid of distractions

First of all, some distractions can be eliminated. You obviously cannot ask your colleagues to hang up their call, but using headphones is a good way to block out noise and focus on your work. Not only will it help you filter some of the noise, but it will also signal to your colleagues that you are concentrating and will therefore diminish your distractions.

Additionally, being in an office does not mean we are free from online distractions: checking your email every five minutes will inevitably keep you from completing tasks. In fact, it can take up to twenty minutes to regain momentum after an interruption, so if you check your inbox three times in a span of two hours, that’s half the time lost. So, turn off push notifications and make sure that you only check your emails if absolutely necessary. This also includes online office workspaces!

Allocate your time wisely

You probably have an interminable to-do list for today. This does not mean you should do all tasks at once! Being in a busy office can mean we feel compelled to get everything done yesterday, leading to us not taking the time to settle down to finish a a job. Try to fight against this urge and tackle actions one-by-one: this will not only be more efficient in the long-run, but it will also feel more rewarding for you as your list reduces over the day.

It is also key to give yourself some breaks: this is important for efficiency, concentration and wellbeing. Try to include your breaks in your diary so you remember to take them. This will ensure that you are not distracted by the time and that you take enough breaks to stay efficient.


A busy office means lots of colleagues! If you feel like you are not being productive because there are too many people chatting around you, delegate your tasks to reduce your stress or ask colleagues to work with you. This will create an environment that is more conducive to work as you enjoy your colleague’s company while also getting through your daily tasks.

Nevertheless, collaboration is not for everyone. So if you prefer (or have to) work alone while also wanting to make the most of being back in the office, synchronise your breaks with your colleagues. This is a good way to minimise distractions for everyone as you’ll be working at the same time but also keep some time for office chatter.

Use the right tools

Finally, it is important that you use tools that will optimise your focus. If the platforms you use are slow or complicated to navigate, it is likely that you will loose attention and motivation. This is why PingGo is the perfect tool for clear thinking and efficiency. As a platform where writing, editing, signing off and distributions are in the same place, it avoids switching between excel spreadsheets, word documents and email inboxes. PingGo also makes writing more efficient and structured: you can gather and organise key messages in one place, creating the perfect press release template. Choosing the right tool is therefore key to staying focused and getting through your daily to-do list. 

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