How to launch a startup with a media exclusive

Sarah Lee
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You only get one chance to launch so plan it right.

Some companies have a series of ‘soft’ launches but there is a danger the media gets tired of hearing your story with nothing much changing with every iteration. Go for one official press launch after you are out of beta and have fixed the early glitches.

Target key journalists already writing about your sector. Warm them up by pitching the idea to them ahead of time. Offer one media outlet the exclusive story. Work with them to agree a date and time for publication. After the exclusive has had time to run — agree how long with the journalist — send your press release out to everyone else in your PingGo contact book.

If you have lots of spare cash you can hold a big launch party but be warned — don’t expect a big media turnout. They just don’t have time to go to launches.

You can plan the media launch for your product or startup in PingGo: write your press release, fix the date and build your media target list.

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