How to write your second press release

Sarah Lee
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Writing one press release is hard. Writing the second one. Even worse… The cursor blinks away at you from a blank screen — what are you going to say? Here are some tips that might help you get your news flowing again.

Are you hiring? Whether it is a senior appointment, a specialist or creating a number of new jobs, these are all good excuses to write a press release.

Opening a new office might not make the front page of The Guardian, but it is still news. Let your customers know and publish the news on your website, social media channels and in a newsletter.

Contract wins are the bread and butter of news for many companies. It doesn’t need to be a well-known brand if the work you are doing is interesting or different. By announcing news regularly, you stay in front of mind and visible. Just make sure you get the permission of your new client before going public.

And the award goes to… And the good news is that you can talk about being nominated, shortlisted and fingers crossed, winning!

Keep a centralised event calendar up to date so you know who is going where, speaking at what and meeting whom. By bringing process and consistency to how you report your news you avoid awkward silences.

Speak to your customers and to your employees. What are they interested in? What are they worried about? What are the big successes? You may not think you have any news but a quick chat will usually uncover a hidden gem.

Look at trends in your market.

What is changing? Is there new technology or a change in behaviour. Can you link what you are doing to that trend?

Monitor your competitors. Chances are if they are doing something, you are too. It’s just that they are talking about it. The lesson being, get out there first.

There are lots of ways to generate news and brainstorm ideas so don’t just sit and stare at a screen. Put ‘news’ on the agenda at team meetings and make sure everyone is responsible for bringing ideas to the table.

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