PingGo is a PR machine. But what is a PR machine?

Sarah Lee
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You’re spinning plates, meeting deadlines, writing plans, researching ideas, following up leads and winning new accounts.

Life in a PR agency is hectic. It is fast paced, driven by the 24 hour news cycle. We have to work hard, think on our feet and get ahead of the news agenda or we will get left behind.

Built by PRs and tested by journalists, PingGo is a one-stop PR machine for you to write press releases and get media coverage for your clients.

PingGo is an easy to use PR hub - a single source of truth for an agency - with key messages stored and kept up to date for every client, media CRM. A guided writing tool teaches new starts to write  structured press releases with key messages pre-populated. It enables seamless communication with journalists, keeping all emails in one place, showing open rates for press releases, making followups easy and encouraging team work.

PingGo is the brain child of Sarah Lee owner of PR agency, Hot Tin Roof, she has taken all the learnings of the past two decades of working in PR and put it into a tool to help agencies and businesses.

News writing is formulaic. A good story will get published. PingGo is a formula for everyone to write newsworthy press releases.

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