PingGo is a PR machine. But what is a PR machine?

Sarah Lee
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You’re winning contracts, launching new products and raising investment but still not getting the media profile you deserve?

Built by PRs and crash tested by journalists, PingGo is a one-stop PR machine for you to write press releases and get media coverage.

Time is tight. Budgets stretched. Every business needs to tell its story. No matter how wonderful your company is, if the market doesn’t know you exist, you might as well pack up and go home.

The cost of hiring a PR agency is a massive barrier to many companies, particularly in the early days when they really need to build awareness. Lack of skills, time and in-house knowledge makes it difficult for companies to know where to start, what to do and how to keep the momentum going.

PingGo allows you to focus on what you do best, instead of fiddling around finding out ‘how to’ do PR.

PingGo is an intuitive and user-friendly piece of cloud-based software that asks you about your company and your news. It helps you articulate your key messages and generates press releases for you to edit, save and publish.

Asking the difficult questions a PR agency or journalist would, PingGo challenges you to really explain why the customer needs you.

PingGo is the brain child of Sarah Lee, owner of Hot Tin Roof, a PR agency specialising in PR for digital startups. With 20 years of experience in PR, marketing and internal communications for the public and private sector Sarah understands the needs of entrepreneurs and is creating a virtual PR agency that puts you in control of your PR from the start and as your company grows.

News writing is formulaic. A good story will get published. PingGo is a formula for entrepreneurs to tell a good story.

PingGo is live and we can’t wait to hear your news, and help you share your success stories! Soday and start writing press releases immediately.

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