21 questions to ask when you don’t think you have any news

Sarah Lee
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No News? Really? I’ve been in PR for 20 years and my clients often start the meeting by saying they haven’t got any news. By the end of the meeting, we have a long list of press releases in the pipeline.

Here are the questions I ask:

  1. Have you won any new contracts?
  2. Have you been given funding?
  3. Have you completed a project?
  4. Are you doing anything differently?
  5. Have you developed new technology?
  6. Are you offering a new service?
  7. Are you targeting a new market?
  8. Are you working in a new country?
  9. Are you opening a new office?
  10. Are you shortlisted for an award?
  11. Are you sponsoring a local sports club?
  12. Are you speaking at a conference?
  13. Has there been a recent change in legislation for your sector — will this impact your customers?
  14. Are you seeing any trends with your customers — are they buying more or something or less?
  15. Are your customers demanding new services or more widgets?
  16. Are there any changes in your market?
  17. Are you creating jobs?Are you launching a new product?
  18. Are you soft launching?
  19. Have you officially launched?Are you launching in closed beta?
  20. Do you have a waiting list for your products?
  21. Is there a world wide shortage of something?

If you answer yes to just ONE of these questions then you have news and you could write a press release in PingGo. Choose one and tailor as you need.

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