The PingGo Slow PR Manifesto

Sarah Lee
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If you hire a personal trainer you still have to put in the hours at the gym. If you take a gym membership you still have to turn up. There is no quick fix to the body beautiful.And there’s no short cut to creating real reputation and credibility for your company through PR.PR is how you reach big audiences.You have to put in the time researching your media. Reading what the media writes about. Spotting the trends and issues that capture the media’s attention.You can buy media lists and subscribe to databases that will send your press release to thousands of news websites. But with journalists receiving hundreds of press releases every day and spending less than 60 seconds reading the handful they do open, the chances of your story being used is slim.If the journalist knows you, the chances of you knowGet to know your media contacts – cultivate relationships, create trust, respectBuild traction over timeLaser sharp focus on what the journalist is interested in. Only pitch your story to journalists that are 100% in your target.Takes time. Can’t rush it. Can’t fake it. It’s all about painstaking detail.Do your research.Get to know your journalists and follow them on twitter and instagram. Understand what they are interested in what makes them tick. That will allow you to truly engage.Create the audience for your content.One story does not make a reputation and establish credibility. Again, this takes time and patience.Keep going with your press releases. Sustained distribution

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