When PR suddenly becomes your job

Sarah Lee
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By Sarah Lee, Founder of PingGo

I never planned to work in PR. I just landed here — and loved it. But for many people PR is an unexpected addition to their job role. And not always that welcome! Does this sound familiar?

You’re working in marketing and all of a sudden you’re asked to write a press release. Or worse. To get the news onto the front page of your CEO’s favourite Sunday paper! Where do you even start with that?

I work with people every day in just that position. They’ve never written a press release, don’t know any journalists, but now they have PR as part of their job and no one to advise them.

So if that has happened to you, here’s my advice... Don’t panic. Getting your company into the media is just a process. If you follow the process and play by the rules you’ll get there.

Ten Step PR Plan

Know exactly what news outlets you want to be seen in.

And that, my friends, is it. That’s how you get your company into the media. There is no mystery, just process. It takes time, you can’t buy PR, you have to earn it. But the end result is credibility for your company. And that is a powerful result.

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