Writing 5000 words with three little crumbs

Pauline Morere
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As we all know, the goal of PR is to turn the everyday into something phenomenal. And this is not always easy, especially when your client gives you a ‘non-story’ or doesn’t have time to brief you. Here are some tips to turn random crumbs of information into newsworthy content and reach your word count.

Give details 

Make the most of your crumbs! You might think it's not that interesting to describe all 11 features of your client’s new app or to dive into the detail. But I assure you that the person committing to reading a 5000 word article on your clients’ new product will. So don’t be afraid to get into the fine details while using clear and simple language. You can be creative when describing the product or event: making it fun to read! If you enjoy the writing process, the word count will not seem too hard to reach. 

Draw on other industry trends 

Ask yourself how this event link to other events or industry trends? How does this new product contribute to the industry? Or how will this event affect company strategies? With enough research, you will manage to find something that relates to what you are writing about. Whether it is an industry trend or a similar event, you can add your own analysis of how the event or product is connected to other companies or trends. Of course, make sure to confirm this tactic with your client and align with their key messages. 

Use quotes

Find people who know about the subject. Keep asking questions and keep pushing until you get enough information to formulate your argument. First ask your client for insights on the issue. Reach out to industry experts or your contacts to gain more material or a different perspective. Of course, this depends on the commercial sensitivity of the information, so be sure to double-check with your client. 

Ask around

If you've tried everything and you really have no inspiration, ask your colleagues for help. You can seek their advice on how to approach the article or what angle they would take. Having a second opinion when you have been staring at a blank page for hours can be a lifesaver.

Use PingGo 

Using PingGo's writing prompts is a great way to cover the basics before you dive into the meat of your article. As a guided writing PR tool, it helps you write by asking the right questions and ensuring that all your key messages are covered in your article. Writing becomes easier and less time-consuming! 

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