Zoom etiquette for the modern homeworker

Sarah Lee
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Given the inordinate amount of time I now spend on Zoom, I’ve been tasked with writing a blog on conference call etiquette. The reality of isolation and remote working is actually bringing us even closer together as a team. The camaraderie and friendship I experience every time I turn up on Zoom is one of the very lovely side-effects of horrible circumstances.So, here are my thoughts on how to handle yourself on your video conference platform of choice, whether it’s Zoom, Whereby or Google Hangouts (other video providers are available).We are using Zoom, so my advice on the technical functionality of platforms is restricted to Zoom.

Oh, and for those etiquette sticklers, my first port of call when researching this piece was, naturally, Debrett’s. Now there’s nothing on there for video conferencing, but I loved the business communication guidance. I expected it would be a hoot with lots of outdated, antiquated ideas. But actually. All pretty sound advice. Good for you, Debrett’s! Definitely looking forward to your take on isolationist etiquette.These are such surreal times and the next three weeks are going to change the way we communicate at work for ever. I hope all your teams are happy and adjusting to the new normal. From everyone at PingGo, we wish you well – keep safe and strong.

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