Our templates are at the heart of PingGo. We've tailored them for multiple sectors and industries allowing you to start writing quickly.

Templates for every sector You will only see templates relevant to your client.  Each sector has templates for the big company milestones. News from launch of a company, product or service to senior appointments and award wins, announcements of investment and annual results to contract wins and partnerships.

New templates added constantly We have over 100 templates across 13 sectors and are constantly adding new templates to the library.  But if you don’t see the template you are looking for, just holler and we will get right on it.

Design your own template Build your own templates from scratch or modify ours to create your own style and tone of voice.

Key messages pre-populated Every press release is automatically populated with your client’s key messages.  You can either write your key messages as a press pack or while writing your first press release. 

Unique content Only 20% of a press release written in PingGo is templated, the remaining 80% is made up of your answers and key messages.  This means every news story written in PingGo is unique while still following the expected press release formula.

Write by answering questions Write your press releases using our question and answer methodology. PingGo asks the questions a journalist would, you write down your answers and see your press release take shape.

Take time to craft After you have answered all the questions you move into the edit phase unlocking the template so you can edit and proof freely. This is where you bring the craft of writing - editing to pull the angle out and tighten the message.

The formula of writing press releases All our templates are designed around the core formula of who, what, where, when, why and how.  This formula has not changed since the first press release was written in 1906. Press releases written in PingGo have all the facts a journalist needs, presented in a format they expect. 

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Product Launch
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Annual Results

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