Why PingGo?

Life in a PR agency has always been adrenaline fuelled. 

We work to tight deadlines, while spinning a dozen plates.  We jump in and out of industries, moving from tech to fashion, factories to restaurants. 

We learn on the job and sometimes there isn’t time to get the basics right.

And now we are all working in remote teams with documents flying around all over the place.  In the best of times, everyone has their own way of filing, so when one person goes off sick it's difficult to know which version you should be working with. 

PingGo gives you focus:

A central point where we all work, where we can see who is on what account, what the status is on every press release, who has signed off and where the blockages are.

Even just having the most up to date key messages is a massive time saver when a deadline is looming.

Single source of truth - for all your client accounts, from key messages and press releases, to deadlines, approval and team members.
Focus - write without distraction, don't worry about format or forgetting key points. Our questions cover all the bases so you never miss anything out.
Workspaces - Space for every client to keep you organised and on top of all your projects and deadlines. A place to focus and collaborate with teammates.
Writing - start writing immediately, jump straight in and get your first draft down in minutes, so you can spend time on editing and getting the story as strong as possible.
Library and custom templates - Templates to cover all the major news announcements and milestones of a company. Customise or create your own from scratch.
Editing - spend time perfecting the flow and tightening the language. Bring in your peers to review and find the strongest angle. This is where the craft of writing a press release comes in.
Sign off - collaborate closely with your client and external stakeholders to make any final amendments and get that final sign off.
Distribute - Send directly from the platform using your email address - the email journalists trust.

PingGo is where you arrive in the morning. It keeps you right during the day and it's where you log off at night.

Take control of media relations and tell your story today

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